The innovation to document real wearing time
of removable orthodontic appliances.


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Mini-Implants for aligning teeth prior to prosthodontics.


The innovation to document real wearing time of removable orthodontic appliances Therapy success is directly related to the wearing discipline of the patient when treating with removable appliances. For the dentist until now it was almost impossible to see, if the reason for inefficient treatment was caused by poor compliance or by other reasons. TheraMon® now enables a new way of compliance monitoring during treatments with removable appliances.

TheraMon® is an electronic system which enables a gapless documentation of wearing time of removable appliances


The special measuring technology of the microsensor, 9X13mm in size, checks periods of time the real wearing time and stores this data into the integrated memory. The technician is embedding the microsensor in the plastic body of the orthodontic appliance (like installing a small motive). To send and receive data the microsensor is using RFID technology (radio frequency identification).The reading station emittes an electromagnetic field of very short range to supply external power to the microsensor. The antenna of the sensor can only be activated if it is placed in the very near area of the reading station. Inside the mouth of the patient the antenna is not active.



The reading station maintains a wireless connection of the microsensor to the outside world. It is connected via USB cable to PC or Laptop. The microsensor of the brace is positioned in parallel to the antenna of the reading station. As soon as the brace is recognized in the magnetic field of the reading station the reading process can be started.



The special THERAMON software documents graphically the wearing time over the entire treatment. Based on this data the dentist can evaluate the progress of the treatment and further steps of the treatment can be planned much more effective. Evaluations can be exported for further use in other programs.